SQCloudResult *SQCloudVMResult (SQCloudVM *vm);


Retrieve the raw SQCloudResult associated with the VM. You can then use the SQCloudResult API to further process the SQCloudResult.


Return value

An SQCloudResult opaque datatype.


int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) {
    // setup config
    SQCloudConfig config = {0};
    config.username = "myusername";
    config.password = "mypassword"

    SQCloudConnection *conn = SQCloudConnect("myproject.sqlite.cloud", SQCLOUD_DEFAULT_PORT, &config);
    if (SQCloudIsError(conn)) {
        printf("ERROR connecting: %s (%d)\n", SQCloudErrorMsg(conn), SQCloudErrorCode(conn));
        return -1;
    } else {
        printf("Connection to host OK...\n\n");

    // choose a database first
    SQCloudResult *r = SQCloudExec(conn, "USE DATABASE mydatabase.sqlite;");

    // compile the INSERT SQL statement
    SQCloudVM *vm = SQCloudVMCompile(conn, "INSERT INTO table1 (col1) VALUES ('Hello World');", -1, NULL);

    // execute the previously compiled statement
    SQCloudResult *type = SQCloudVMStep(vm);

    // retrieve result
    SQCloudResult *result = SQCloudVMResult(vm);

    // ...