Command Line Interface

The SQLite Cloud Command Line Interface is a user-friendly interface that runs on the terminal and acts as a front-end to SQLite Cloud. This interface allows you to enter queries interactively, submit them to SQLite Cloud, and view the resulting data. Additionally, input can come from a file or command line arguments, giving you greater flexibility in how you interact with SQLite Cloud.

It’s worth noting that there are two versions of the CLI available: one written in C and one written in GO. Both versions offer the same functionality, and the source code is provided for both. The C version was the first to be developed and was extensively used during the development of SQLite Cloud. It’s based on the C SDK. The GO version, on the other hand, was created later, after the GO SDK was released. In the future, we plan to combine both projects into a unified CLI.

  • Binaries can be downloaded from GitHub.
  • C source code can be downloaded from the C SDK repo.
  • GO source code can be downlaoded from the GO SDK repo.

The C cli (sqlitecloud-cli) is available for Linux (x86) and macOS (Intel and ARM).

The GO cli (sqlc) is available for Linux (x86), Windows (x86) and macOS (Intel and ARM).