Backups provide a robust solution for mitigating data loss and resolving data corruption issues.

SQLite Cloud creates a full snapshot backup of your data once a day, and stores incremental changes once per second, on commodity object storage.


Automated Backups

  • Full Database Snapshots: Automatically captures a full snapshot of the database at least once every retention period (default 24 hours), ensuring you always have a recent backup.
  • Incremental Updates: Captures changes to the database at a frequency of once per second, provided there are modifications.
  • Continuous Data Protection: Stores incremental updates alongside full snapshots, allowing for recovery to any specific second within the retention period.
  • Easy Restoration Process: Restoring from a backup automatically overwrites the existing database, seamlessly reverting it to the desired state without additional configuration.
  • Consistency and Reliability: After restoration, the database functions as it did at the chosen point in time, ensuring operational continuity.

Getting Started

Setting up and managing backups in SQLite Cloud is designed to be straightforward, allowing you to implement robust data protection strategies effortlessly.

First, navigate to the backups section.

Backup Empty

Then, click on settings to see a list of your databases. From here, you can enable backups for each database. Backup Modal

Click save, and your database backups will appear below. Backup Items

Restoring from a Backup

Click on a backup to begin the restore process. Select Yes to confirm the restoration, and your database will be restored to the selected point in time.

Restore Backup