CLI Shell Install

The official SQLite distribution comes with a powerful SQLite Command-Line Interface.

To compile the SQLite cli with the SQLite Cloud Bridge just follow these instructions:

  • Install LibreSSL
  • A build of the SQLite command-line interface requires three source files:
    • sqlite3.c: The SQLite Bridge amalgamation source file
    • sqlite3.h: The SQLite Bridge amalgamation header file
    • shell.c: The command-line interface program from the SQLite amalgamation tarball
  • To build the CLI, simply put these three files in the same directory and compile them together:
    • if LibreSSL was installed in the /usr/local/libressl folder you can use the following command:
gcc shell.c sqlite3.c -I. -L/usr/local/libressl/lib/ -Wl,-rpath=/usr/local/libressl/lib/ -ltls -o sqlitecloud

Once the build is completed you can connect to any cloud database using a special connection string in the form: sqlitecloud://

Connection String

An easy way to obtain a valid connection string is to click on the node address in the Dashboard Nodes section. A valid connection string will be copied in your clipboard.

For example:

./sqlitecloud "sqlitecloud://<username>:<password>@<hostname><database-name>?create=1&sqlite=1"