Bridge LibreSSL Install

All the communications between the clients and the cluster are encrypted, and so you must link the LibreSSL (libtls) library with your code.

Install LibreSSL


  • Download the latest portable source from
  • Extract the tarball and change the directory to the libressl dir
  • Compile and install LibreSSL. By default, the install script will install LibreSSL to the /usr/local/ folder. In order to avoid issue with other SSL libraries installed on the system, you can specify a different install directory, for example /usr/local/libressl, with the following command:
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/libressl --with-openssldir=/usr/local/libressl && make && make install


brew install libressl

or you can compile and install from the source code using the same Linux instructions.


Follow the official LibreSSL build instructions.