GO SDK Getting Started

Use the SQLite Cloud Client SDK in your Go code

  1. Import the package in your Go source code:

    import sqlitecloud "github.com/sqlitecloud/go-sdk"
  2. Download the package, and run the go mod tidy command to synchronize your module’s dependencies:

    $ go mod tidy 
    go: downloading github.com/sqlitecloud/go-sdk v1.0.0
  3. Connect to a SQLite Cloud database with a valid connection string:

    db, err := sqlitecloud.Connect("sqlitecloud://user:pass@host.sqlite.cloud:port/dbname")
  4. Execute queries using a method defined on the SQCloud struct, for example Select:

    result, _ := db.Select("SELECT * FROM table1;")

The following example shows how to print the content of the table table1:

package main

import (

    sqlitecloud "github.com/sqlitecloud/go-sdk"

const connectionString = "sqlitecloud://admin:password@host.sqlite.cloud:8860/dbname.sqlite"

func main() {
    db, err := sqlitecloud.Connect(connectionString)
    if err != nil {
        fmt.Println("Connect error: ", err)

    tables, _ := db.ListTables()
    fmt.Printf("Tables:\n\t%s\n", strings.Join(tables, "\n\t"))

    result, _ := db.Select("SELECT * FROM t1;")
    for r := uint64(0); r < result.GetNumberOfRows(); r++ {
        id, _ := result.GetInt64Value(r, 0)
        value, _ := result.GetStringValue(r, 1)
        fmt.Printf("\t%d: %s\n", id, value)

Get a connection string

You can connect to any cloud database using a special connection string in the form:


To get a valid connection string, follow these instructions:

API Documentation

The complete documentation of the sqlitecloud/go-sdk library is available at: https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/sqlitecloud/go-sdk